ICE Campaign

The Bowling Green Police Department is working to keep you safe with a program called ICE, which stands for In Case of an Emergency.

The concept is simple. All you have to do is type in the letters I-C-E into your cell phone with the number of the person you want to be contacted if you're in an accident.

Officer Barry Pruitt, with the Bowling Green Police Department, says, "Someone puts it in their cell phone and puts a number then this uniform personnel picks it up, sees if there's an ICE listing and then dials the number to get some information in need of help."

The program is in the preliminary stages and the police department is in the process of contacting other first responders and cellular providers.

Pruitt says, "What we're in the process of doing is contacting the cell phone providers to see if they'll put that in at that time and let them know about it."

When the program becomes more well-known first responders will know what to look for if there's a natural or man-made disaster or even a traffic accident where someone can't talk. "It could be anything from an accident and an accident victim, we don't know who we're dealing with or if it's someone who's diabetic or having a seizure, something like that."

The Bowling Green Police Department has been in contact with the Bowling Green Fire Department, the ambulance service, and other first responders to get this campaign started.

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