Know and Go Program

On July 24th 1996, a man kidnapped seven-year-old Morgan Violi while she and a friend were playing outside Morgan's apartment complex.

Her body was found three months later on a farm in White House, Tennessee. Her murder still hasn't been solved.

What would your child do if someone tried to kidnap them? Would they freeze or use their instincts to try and get away?

Master Tom Pardue, with the East West Kung Fu Academy says, "Kids are smart and kids are fast. We take full advantage of their natural abilities..."

Master Pardue wants to keep kids safe and train them to do so. He and some of his instructors are getting re-certified to teach kids the Know and Go program.

Darren Hamilton, a trainer, says, "We put kids through certain scenarios where they'll actually go through scenarios where they escape from certain situations."

The concept of know and go is outsmarting the stranger, not fighting with them.

Hamilton says, "We don't show them how to confront a man or a big person, that's larger than them, fight them off, we show them how to diffuse and escape from the situation."

The instructors want to teach the kids they can have the power in a potentially bad situation.

Pardue says, "We want them to escape, we want them to be able to recognize the situation and determine when things are a threat and move from that area into an area of safety."

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