Child Beaten into Coma

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A vicious attack on an 11-year old boy in Warren County leaves family members shocked and disturbed.

The Sheriff's Department says the three boys responsible for the brutal crime are in custody, charged with first degree assault. Relatives say it's the worst thing they've ever seen, but the most shocking part is the alleged attackers are part of the victim's family.

It happened Sunday morning on Fairview Boiling Springs Road behind Warren East Middle School. Joann Shugart says her nephew was visiting family and friends at a nearby mobile home park when he and his three cousins went into an equipment building behind the baseball field.

It was there she says three of the boys forced her 11-year old nephew to stand in front of an automatic pitching machine while balls were thrown at his head at speeds up to 72 miles per hour. She says the juveniles then poured water on the boy and hit him repeatedly in his private region with a baseball bat and helmet.

Shugart and her sister tell us they're stunned by the brutal nature of this attack. "I just don't know how anyone could do this to another person. I just don't understand it."

The child was taken to the Medical Center Sunday then flown to Vanderbilt with life threatening injuries.

The juveniles are lodged in the Warren County Juvenile Justice Center.
The Sheriff's Department says the suspect's young age makes this case especially tough to prosecute, but say they are taking this incident very seriously.