Get Carded 2005

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Elizabeth Mohor says: "They're hoping to reach a million students today."

Western Kentucky University is taking part in a nation-wide program called Get Carded.

Mohor says: "Universities and colleges all over the country are taking part in this activity."

Mohor is the sexual assault coordinator for WKU. She says they are getting a lot of good response from the cards.

She says: "Some of the things I'm hearing are, what is this for? And we let them know it's just to increase sexual assault awareness."

Natalie Baca says: "I think it's a really good program to just get people's awareness up."

Baca is a junior at Western and says she thinks the program could be very beneficial to students who have been sexually assaulted.

She says: "I used to work with a sexual assault awareness program back home. It was really interesting because we'd get a lot of women who had never even known they were raped."

The cards offer ways to students to avoid being sexually assaulted. One of those is to know where the emergency phones on campus are, to always stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of people. They also recommend taking the shuttle at nighttime and avoiding shortcuts through campus.

Mohor says men on campus are also interested in the cards because there is a special area with tips for them on the cards to help prevent them from ever becoming a perpetrator.

The program is in collaboration with hope harbor.

Free confidential counseling is available through the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE.