Boy Scout Reaction

Boy Scouts across the nation are mourning the loss of four leaders. Officials say the men were setting up camp on July 25, when a tent pole apparently hit a power line.

Four men died and three others, including another scout leader and two contractors, were injured. Three of the dead were from Alaska, the fourth was from Ohio.

The scouts are planning a memorial for the opening ceremony of the Jamboree in Virginia.

Sue Parrigin's 14-year-old son LJ is a life scout who's attending the Jamboree.

Sue says she heard about the accident from the parents of her son's roommate at the event.

"We were really saddened and shocked that something like that happened. It was horrible, it was horrible information,” says Parrigin.

While Sue says her thoughts go out to the families of those who were killed and injured, she's grateful no one from this area was harmed.

"We were relieved that everybody's ok with our unit and everybody's safe and sound at this time,” Parrigin adds.

Sue says the organization has given her son many experiences he probably never would have had without it.

“It's given him leadership skills, confidence, the ability to take care of yourself at a young age,” she says.

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