Fletcher Says Stumbo Backed Out of Deal

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The war of words between Governor Fletcher and Attorney General Greg Stumbo continues to grow hotter.

Their latest dispute centers around an alleged agreement that could have ended the months-long grand jury investigation into abuses in state hiring practices.

According to Fletcher, the pact would have required him to appear efore the grand jury (with a lawyer and not under oath) to give a presentation on the changes his administration has made in the wake of allegations he or his appointees misused their power to hire and fire.

In exchange, the Governor says Stumbo would have dismissed the grand jury and stopped a string of indictments for top Fletcher adminstration officials.

But stumbo calls that story hogwash.

Stumbo says he rejected an offer from the governor.....calling it a wish list that was impractical and unfair.

"We're not gonna be rolled by this. And if we've done something wrong, if I've done something wrong I'll correct it, and we wanna shine some light on it," Fletcher said.

Tuesday morning the judge presiding over the case appeared to reject any suggestion of an outside compromise, telling the grand jury no one could or should control them.