Targeting Your Hometown: Butler County

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Butler County resident, Donna Taylor, will be starting her college career in the next few weeks. She's one of the 700 people in the area who lost her job after the Sumitomo plant closed. Since Sumitommo headed south to Mexico through NAFTA the federal government is required to provide financial assistance to former employees like Taylor, who are looking to further their education.

Starting in January, she'll be taking classes in Morgantown. Taylor is certainly not alone when it comes to looking to the future. Her entire neighborhood was left jobless when the plant closed.

Taylor has been living in Grancer, a small community in Butler County, for 33 years. She says the announcement came as a shock. Many of Taylor's relatives live within walking distance. They are either going back to school too or hoping to find a job in Bowling Green. No matter what happens in the future though Taylor says she enjoys living in Grancer too much to ever leave.