Atmos Energy Accused of Overcharges

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"We got our gas bill in the mail the other day and our previous bill was $10. This last month’s bill was $40."

When Dr. Mark Woodward called Atmos Energy to find out why this is what he was told.

Woodward says: "At that time we found out that during summer months, gas is estimated every other month. They only come and check it every other month from April to September."

Woodward questioned the accuracy of an estimation system so WBKO asked Bill Greer, Atmos Vice President of Eastern Region Operations, why they use it.

Greer says: "We put that program in place originally because it's a way to reduce costs of business. That's good for the business that's good for the customer that's being served."

Another concern Woodward had is how does the estimation system balance out if he is overcharged?

Greer says: "Potentially a customer was slightly underbilled or potentially overbilled but then we go out and get an actual reading the true up is done and then a customers bill comes out accordingly."

Greer also says the estimation program they use takes in to consideration the past customer usage and how long it's been since the last reading. Atmos maintains the program is a great tool to helps keep costs low to their customers.

But Woodward says he's considering making his home and rental properties electric because he disagrees with the estimation program.

Kentucky Attorney General, Greg Stumbo, is looking into Atmos for over-earning. But Atmos maintains their rates are just and reasonable.

They also point out that the Attorney General put the same rates they charge into effect back in 1999 and they say the rates haven't gone up since.