Hart County Shooting

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Kentucky State Police say Ricky Dale Biggs from Portland, Tennessee was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon.

The incident began when police say Biggs fled the scene of a car accident on Interstate 65 near the 70 mile-marker.

Police say Biggs then drove erratically on the interstate, hitting a couple of cars before stopping at a Horse Cave rest stop. That’s when police say KSP Trooper Joel Huff arrived on the scene, located Biggs, and a fight began.

Biggs then allegedly pulled out a gun and that’s when Trooper Huff shot him.

Ricky Dale Biggs was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rest area worker, Donny Vandreese says his truck quickly became the center of controversy after the suspect refused to comply with Trooper Huff’s commands.

"They told him to put his hands on top of my truck and then the gentlemen (Biggs) turned around to swing at the officer and when he did the officer told him to drop it. The next thing I know there was gun shots going off."

While, Vandreese says he hopes he never has to experience something like this again, he’s glad the situation didn’t escalate into something worse.

Police say Biggs’ vehicle also matched the description of a car involved in a burglary in Nelson County.

Biggs was also wanted out of Nashville for an armed robbery.

Police say Biggs may have had a sawed off shotgun.