Senior Citizens More Likely to Vote in Elections

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When it comes to the candidates for an election, they always have people talking.

"John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Obama gets talked about. We just talk about the whole bunch," says Park City resident, Raymond Durbin.

But, when it comes to actually going to the polls there's one group that outshines the others and that's the senior citizens.

"We voted our whole lives, so it's something we're really committed to and we're committed to the process of voting," says Bowling Green resident, Nedra Atwell.

"They grew up in a time when it was a normal thing to do. Go out and vote because they thought more about their country," says Bowling Green resident, Charles Atwell.

In the last presidential election, nationally at least 79 percent of those 65 and older cast ballots. This is compared to an overall voter turnout of 52 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

"It's one of your God-given rights to vote, for the country and leaders of the country and I think ever citizen should vote if they get the chance," says Caneyville resident, Willie Durbin.

While some say they do know senior citizens who don't get out to vote.

"If the weather's bad or something they won't go," says Willie Durbin.

In Warren County the statistics still show the older you are, the more likely you're voting. Over 53 percent of senior citizens showed up to the polls in the last election, ahead of all other age groups.

"They have more time and they're gonna exercise that time", says Dorothy "Dot" Owens, the Warren County Clerk.

Voting machines today are more equipped to handle everyone of all ages.

"Our machines are set up to accommodate disabilities, says Warren County Clerk, "Dot" Owens.

This is just another reason more and more senior citizens turning to the polls, and hoping it's something that more people of all ages will start doing.

"I wish the young people would vote. I think as the issues interest them and as we have candidates who are more interesting, people are less disillusioned with what's happening in Washington, and I think more young people will vote," says Nedra Atwell.

Meanwhile, in Warren County, numbers are up for Democrat and Republican voters and it is expected that more people will be voting in this year’s primary.

Remember, the last day to register to vote is April 21. Just contact your local County Clerk's office for more information if you have questions.

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