Beech Bend Adding Wooden Coaster

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If you're a fan of wooden roller coasters, you won't have to go very far to find a new thrill.

"Beech Bend Park" is building a new wooden coaster that will include almost 50 miles of wood and race at speeds near 50 miles per hour.

The new coaster is part of a $5.5 million dollar expansion that Beech Bend officials believe will increase attendance by 20-40%.

"It's the biggest step we've ever taken here at Beech Bend. We think it will bring the park back onto the map like it was years ago. We also think it will bring the attendance up to where the community will be extremely proud of Beech Bend," said park owner Dallas Jones.

If you want to be the first to ride the coaster, you'll have to come up with a good name.

Beech Bend is asking the public to enter suggestions for the coaster's name in a contest on their website or at the park.

To add your entry, go to

If you come up with the winning entry, you'll receive season passes to the park, and will be the first to ride the new coaster when it opens next May.