Federal Drug Prosecution Check Presentation

The Kentucky State Police, Warren County Drug Task Force, and Greenville Police Department's financial status has been boosted, thanks to property forfeiture checks

The United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky presented the checks which total over 113 thousand dollars to the three agencies.

They represent shared proceeds from forfeited money and property in connection with three criminal prosecutions.

The United States Attorney David L. Huber says in the three cases the agencies seized a total of:

- $100,000 in cash
- $68,000 from other real and personal property
- $168,000 in total cash and property
- Over 1266 pounds of marijuana - street value 1.5 million
- 6 kilos of cocaine - street value $600,000
- 124.7 grams of crack cocaine - street value $12,500

The money will be used for law enforcement purposes.