Whitewater in Bowling Green

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Bowling Green residents may not have to go very far to find some raging rapids. That’s because Greenways Commission of Bowling Green and Warren County is proposing to put a whitewater park downtown.

Last Thursday more than 60 people showed up at a meeting where preliminary drawings were presented, as well as a study by the Army Corps of Engineers about the feasibility of developing a park.

“I told my wife I haven't been this excited since my son was born. It would be a neat opportunity for this area," WKU Recreation Professor Steve Spencer said.

The proposed site is near Mitch McConnell Park on the Barren River. The park would run approximately 1,200 feet long.

Bowling Green tourism officials say a whitewater park could help extend their tourism season and give the city an economic boost.

"We think it'd be a nice layer for tourism if this project does come out." Executive Director Vicki Fitch said.

Right now, nothing is set in stone. Environmental issues, the cost of development, who will fund the park, and other issues are still trying to be determined.

"This course is designed as a class two beginner, so once you develop some basic canoeing, kayaking, and rafting skills you wouldn't have to be an expert to do this."

In order for the whitewater park to become a reality several studies and permits will also have to be done, but officials say they’re optimistic about the development due to the support they’ve received.

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