New Elementary School Opens

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Hundreds of Bowling Green kids stuffed their backpacks and headed off to school Tuesday, and some of those kids got to begin their year in a brand new school.

In 2003, Parker-Bennett Elementary and L.C. Curry consolidated to make Parker-Bennett-Curry.

Parker-Bennett-Curry is the first elementary school in the Bowling Green school district to be built in over 40 years.

The new school is home to all students in the Parker Bennett district as well as those from the old L.C. Curry building, plus, preschool students who were previously at Dishman-McGinnis.

This new school is state of the art with a computer and science lab and has its own cafeteria and gym.

While moving into the new school was a hassle, Principal Anna Senter says everyone is adjusting just fine.

Around 375 kids attend the school.