Kentucky National Guard Troops Deploy to Louisiana

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Staff Sergeant, Joseph Osborne says: "I was excited. Excited to go help out in New Orleans. It's such a tragedy. It's such a disaster this happened."

More than 500 National Guard Troops from all over Kentucky are making their final preparations to deploy to Louisiana for hurricane relief.

Battalion AO Administrative Officer, James Richmond, says: "I was anxious to help. Most soldiers, that's why they join the guard, to get a chance to help fellow man. We've been waiting on it."

Before they go down to help they have to go through soldier readiness here. That means filling out insurance papers and getting immunizations.

Richmond says: "Basically getting tetanus, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, just to protect us from anything bad down in Louisiana."

It's a two day trip to get there so they are also checking their vehicles for any mechanical problems. Soldiers say they are going to help with a variety of things once they get to Louisiana.

Osborne says: "Pretty much we're just there to help out and whatever they want us to do we're more than willing. And to give a helping hand to show we're not just thinking about Iraq. We're still here in the United States and were helping out. That's our mission."

After seeing video of the disaster areas, they want to be there to help rebuild and they are optimistic about the future.

Richmond says: "It's horrible. It really is. It's kinda like 9-11. We're going to help the city get back on its feet again. I'm sure it'll be a long time. But it'll come back to what it once was."