Caudill Sentenced in Federal Court

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Mike Caudill spent 25 years as a county attorney, and now he'll spend 10 months in custody.

Caudill was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to stealing $15,000 in federal funds meant for prosecuting deadbeat dads.

Caudill's sentence is part of a plea agreement he signed earlier this year when he agreed to pay back the money, give up his law license, and spend 10 months in custody.

But the former Warren County Attorney is in very poor health after suffering two strokes and undergoing open-heart surgery to close a hole in his heart.

Caudill can't swallow on his own and receives all of his food and medicine through a feeding tube.

Caudill's attorney David Broderick called several witnesses to the stand to testify about his medical problems, and Judge Russell took that into account in sentencing Caudill to a medical prison.

He will serve five months there and five months on house arrest.

Caudill won't begin serving the time until the prison system can find a facility to handle his medical care.

Mr. Caudill told the judge today that he hopes to pay off all of the near $70,000 that he owes the state and federal governments once his divorce is final.

But he is almost $300,000 in debt and facing mounting medical bills without any income other than retirement.

Caudill apologized for his actions and said he must survive because he doesn't want to leave such a heavy financial burden for those who love him.