BG City Commission To Authorize Baseball Study

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Bowling Green's city commission plans to sign an agreement with Mandalay entertainment to study the prospects of a minor league team in town.

The feasibility study will survey the public's interest in supporting a minor league team, and put hard dollar figures on who would pay what for a downtown stadium complex.

Mandalay's efforts come on the heels of the "Play Ball 'o5" committee that sold hundreds of season ticket packages but has been unable to raise the funding needed to buy land and build a ballpark.

City commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash says the agreement doesn't mean the city is sold on the idea of a minor league team, but it will give city leaders some hard numbers without costing taxpayers any money.

"Until all the answers have come in, it's very difficult to say whether it's a good idea or not a good idea for Bowling Green. It's an exciting prospect, in my opinion, if it's something we can afford to do because it will spur redevelopment downtown," said Nash.

The study's results will be presented to the commission in the fall.

Their agreement with Mandalay Entertainment also gives Mandalay the right to match any competitors offers for developing a ballpark.