Parents have First-Day Jitters too

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Students aren't the only ones who have first-day jitters, their parents often do too. Trung Trinh knows the feeling. His son Leon started kindergarten Thursday morning at Natcher Elementary. But lucky for hundreds of other parents like Trinh, Natcher has a program to help.

"It's called Kleenex for Parents. Moms and Dads drop off their students in class then come to the library for coffee and orange juice. It's a good bonding experience for them, especially if they're having a tough time letting go."

PTO Vice President Joy Wheeler helped to organize the program. She says it's something Natcher has been doing for several years. Wheeler says parents seem to enjoy it, and they sometimes form friendships that last the entire school year.

"Our son is excited about the school year and making new friends. It's tough letting go, but this helped make it easier for us."