Muhlenberg County Family on Wife Swap

Kimberly Yonts says she didn't know what to expect when she landed in a secret location to swap lives with Ramona Jan on the television show Wife Swap.

Kimberly says: "I was shocked. It was no different than here, except I was in Pennsylvania. It didn't look like this big elaborate place. It looked like a little rural area, low key, and I felt pretty much at home."

However, Kimberly soon learned looks can be deceiving.

Her husband Michael says: "Ramona's view on things was very different from ours. I was amazed at how different they matched us. I mean we were different in every aspect."

Kimberly, a stay-at-home mom, who has entered both of her daughters, Hannah and Maddie, in beauty pageants, switches places with Ramona. Ramona's a mom who doesn't believe in make-up and thinks the key to beauty lies with-in.

Michael says: "One point that we differed on and will always differ on is how you present yourself in public. It matters, it really does, it's not the most important thing, but you're judged everyday about how you look, how you present yourself and you try to put your best foot forward."

When the wives had the chance to make their own rules, Ramona banned TV and pageants from the house, and didn't want the kids to wear matching clothes. On the other hand, Kimberly entered Ramona's daughter in a pageant.

The South Central Kentucky couple says they're glad they had the experience. Both Michael and Kimberly say they walked away from the show with a greater appreciation for their family.