Firefighters Return Home

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It’s been more than five weeks since Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf Coast. As thousands of people nationwide give their support to those in need, several south-central Kentuckians are also stepping up.

Six Bowling Green firefighters just returned home after helping out for a month in the Gulf Coast. Besides providing basic needs to the survivors the firefighters were making sure a long-term plan was in place.

"A lot of the people knew they had to eat tonight, but they didn't know how they were going to eat next week." Doug Morris said.

All six firefighters talked with Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker Monday afternoon about some of things they learned while helping out in the Gulf Coast and offered great advice in case disaster were to strike our area.

The six include:

Fire Apparatus Operator Tony Russell
Fire Apparatus Operator Jim Morrow
Fire Apparatus Operator Donnie Frye
Firefighter J.D. Shuffett
Firefighter Don Brod
Firefighter Doug Morris