Algebra I Grant

The Green River Regional Educational Cooperative has been awarded a three year, $600,000 Algebra I grant on behalf of 12 area high schools.

Those schools are Allen County-Scottsville, Butler County, Cumberland County, Edmonson County, Grayson County, Green County, Hancock County, Central Hardin, Hart County, Metcalfe County, Monroe County, and Simpson County.

According to the GRREC, the project will target Algebra I failure rates among high school freshman. The organization says: in this region and throughout the state, ninth graders fail courses at a much higher rate than upper classmen.

Johna Rodgers, the grant writer, says: "Algebra One is a gate-keeping course, if you don't do well in Algebra One, you're not going to do well in Geometry or Algebra Two, and those courses are needed in college and vo-tech school."

Greg Dunn, the principal of the Allen County Scottsville High, says Algebra one seems to be an area where students struggle, and he wants to give them the tolls they'll need for the future.

He says: "A lot of it has to do with problem solving and that's what employers are looking for people that are capable of solving problems."

In the program, one algebra one teacher will participate from each of the twelve districts.

These teachers will work together and provide a network for each other.

Rodgers says: "They can bounce ideas off of each other, talk about strategies, and talk about what works and what doesn't work."

Organizers hope the program will expand even more once the participating teachers share their new knowledge with others in the school.