Geologist Reacts To Earthquake

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Most people were shocked by the April 18 morning's earthquake, but area scientists say they weren't too surprised by the tremors.

The geologist we spoke with says Kentucky is on a major fault line, and as the earth shifts, the likelihood of an earthquake increases.

Aaron Celestian is an assistant professor of geology at WKU.

He says April 18th's event could become more common.

"It's happened many times before in the past. This is not the strongest earthquake Kentucky, Illinois, or Indiana have seen. That happened back in 1968. I think it was a 5.5 magnitude on the Richter Scale. So, this is a little bit less intense than that, but it can defiantly happen again," Celestian said.

Celestian says earthquakes are impossible to predict, but Friday’s incident shows the area is susceptible to such disasters.

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