Jail Minister Banned

Larry McCue has been helping people change their lives at the Monroe County Jail for the last seven years.

"I know how many have been saved, 54. I've made over 340 visits and I have seen over 2,000 people."

But his weekly sermon came to a halt almost two months ago after the jailer told him he couldn't come back following an altercation between a couple inmates.

"He said I'm gonna shut all preachers down. He did for one week. Then the next week, Church of Christ came. As far as I know, that preacher has come four or five times. That's the only denomination the jailer has let in."

The Monroe Baptist Association is circulating a petition in local churches. So far McCue says they've collected hundreds of signatures from people who believe he should be allowed back in the jail.

"I'd like to have that hour of service back because the Lord has blessed me being able to see inmates. They need spiritual guidance too.

But if that doesn't happen, McCue says it won't stop him from helping others turn their lives around.

WBKO contacted the jailer who wouldn't comment on the issue. County officials tell us he's working on a rotating schedule for all the ministers and the matter should be settled soon.