Edmonson County Woman Fears for Her Life

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State police continue to with hold the cause of death of an Edmonson County woman who was allegedly killed by her husband on Sunday.

Now another Edmonson County woman says she's afraid her ex-husband could hurt her despite having court-ordered protection.

Laura Johnson has been divorced for 4 years but says her ex-husband still continued to harass and sometimes beat her.

in May, a court ordered her ex-husband to stay at least 1,000 feet away from her but she says he has violated that several times and has never been arrested.

Johnson says sheriff's deputies told her the ex-husband has to be in her driveway when they show up if she hopes to have him arrested.

"If he has to be in my driveway when they get here, he's been here for 30 minutes at the least. He could have done whatever he wanted with me by then," Johnson said.

Sheriff's deputies we spoke to today say they can investigate and get a warrant for anyone who violates a restraining order whether they are at the scene or not.

If you or someone you know needs help to get out of domestic violence situation, call the Barren River Area Safe Space at 1-800-928-1183.