St. Jude Dream Home Winner

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Martha Taylor, overwhelmed with emotions, drove up to her new home where she was greeted by media crews, family members, and new neighbors extending an early welcome.

She said, "when they said Martha, I said oh my I wonder if it could be me, then they said Taylor and my husband said 'well how many more Taylors could there be?', everyone jumped up in the air."

Taylor says the drive to Bowling Green from Munfordville felt like the longest drive she ever had.

But, as fate would have it, it was a very familiar drive.

Martha's daughter and two granddaughters happen to live right across the street.

Taylor said, "we've looked at the house all summer long and as it was being built but I had no clue that I would be the winner."

Although Taylor says she hasn't had time to process all that's happened, she says since fate dealt a funny hand at this situation, she accepts whatever comes next.

Taylor says "now I can babysit more often and that's fine with me."

The St. Jude team says everyone who entered the sweepstakes is winner in finding cures to save children.