Decker College Lays Off Employees in Bowling Green

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Susan White says: "We just want to get paid!"

White found out Monday she had been laid off from her job at a call center for Decker College.

White says: "Corporate just came down, sent a representative they gave us all lay-off letters, and told us all we would have not job. They expected it to be temporary, but we were to leave right then and there."

Decker College is an online school that offers students an associate’s degree in half the time. They are based out of Louisville, Kentucky. They have campuses in Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Indianapolis.

White says: "They opened this call center four months ago with intentions of sending students to the school, to get four weeks of training, then turn around and go home to get three hours a week online."

Tammy Graves was a receptionist for Decker. She says employees had their jobs threatened on a regular basis if they didn't recruit enough students. Graves also says she felt like the school was a scam from the beginning.

Graves says: "I've always kinda thought that. We have a lot of complaints from students. A few would call and say they were happy with the program. But there was more that wasn't."

Now the employees of Decker are also unhappy.

White says: "They are trying to tell us they're not going to give us our pay."

Graves said their paychecks arrived on Friday but HR told her not to tell anyone. The paychecks were sent back allegedly because they were dated incorrectly. Employees were told to show up to get their last paycheck Wednesday morning, but they were greeted by a locked gate.

Decker College tells WBKO the employees will get their checks on Thursday. They say they regret having to shut down the operation, but they hope to reopen in a few months. The Louisville call center is also shut down. The college also says some of the laid off employees may have the opportunity to be re-employed by Decker. They say students already enrolled at Decker College will not be affected by these layoffs.
The Web site for Decker College is down at the time and representatives for the online school say they are experiencing IT problems.