Teaching Triplets

In Kathy Sasse's second grade class, the students are learning their multiplication tables, but this class is a little different because it includes triplets Dalton, Austin, and Jackson Sasse.

That's right, Kathy is her triplets’ second grade teacher.

She says: "I'm with them all day and I get those special moments, the quick hugs when they don't think anyone else is looking."

Kathy says from the moment her boys walked into a classroom, they said they wanted her as a teacher when they reached the second grade.

While Kathy says she enjoys having the triplets in class, they all know she's the teacher in school and the mommy at home.

Kathy says: "When they're here at school they have to follow the rules like every other child."

Kathy says she thinks playing both roles will make her a better teacher.