Just Me Music at Kentucky State Fair

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"This is Veggie Tales personalized CDs and books."

Ben Stickle is a Bowling Green business owner selling his product, Just Me Music, at the Kentucky State Fair.

"I'd actually never been to the state fair before."

Stickle has had booths at the Corvette Homecoming and Southern Kentucky Book Festival. He says his father-in-law gave him the idea to start Just Me Music right after he graduated from college.

"We have two different CDs we can personalize. We put the child's name in there about 30-40 times. We also personalize one their personality style, what city and state they're from, as well as their name."

One of the CDs is geared toward younger children and the other is for older kids. The books are also broken into age categories. All of the products are $20 a piece. Veggie Tales are cartoon characters that have a positive message.

"The thing behind Veggie Tales is to impact children by teaching them morals and character values like thankfulness, and kindness, and courtesy."

Stickle's booth is located in the East Wing of the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.

For more information contact Ben Stickle at (270) 782-2002 or at: bstickle@justmemusic.com.