WKU Parking Changes

While driving around Western's campus, you may have noticed a building in the back of the parking lot on Chestnut Street.

It's the new office for The Department of Parking and Transportation Services.

It's also where students go to pay parking tickets, obtain a permit, or visitors can get their parking pass.

The department is working to provide more parking on campus. The new parking structure is open and has added 800 spaces to the campus.

The department is also working to provide more parking for visitors. The director, Jennifer Tougas, says: "We're also increasing the amount of visitor parking around campus. Sometime next month we should have a visitor lot in front of Diddle Arena."

There's also going to be more metered parking added for visitors that don't get a pass.

The department is also using handheld computers to issue tickets and they'll also be able to tell just how many tickets a person has.

If you have a few tickets, there's a new way the department is making sure you pay them.

Tougas says: "We're introducing wheel immobilizers, so if a person accumulates three or more citations their vehicle could be eligible for receiving a wheel lock.

The department hopes these changes will help prevent problems before they start, and make things a little easier for those who follow the rules.