KSP Departs to LA and MS

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Around 70 Kentucky State Police Officers loaded up and shipped out Saturday to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

“I’m proud to go down and represent our state.”

Detective Brad Harper is one of 70 officers heading south. Harper says he volunteered to help make a difference.

“People need help and that’s what we do.”

Half of the 70 officers will head to Mississippi and the other half will help Louisiana.

“We got the supplies that we need and that’s a big part of it.”

Another big part is protecting these men and women. The Barren River Health District Department gave all officers necessary booster shots.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Mark Miller says while their absence will not have any impact on the services KSP provides to Kentucky, their presence could help make a real difference to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Miller estimates they’ll be gone about a week.