Volunteers on Way to Gulf Coast

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Another crew of Kentucky volunteers headed to the Gulf Coast Monday. Four Salvation Army Units left Bowling Green with badly needed supplies for some of the hardest hit areas.

"There's lots of hungry people and we're just trying to do our part."

Capt. Roy Hicks and a dozen others left armed with trucks full of food, water and personal items.

"We only have a 14-day supply, but I doubt it'll even last that long. We'll come back to Bowling Green, then switch out with another crew so volunteers don't get worn out."

The crew’s first stop is in Jackson, Mississippi. There they will meet up with 72 more units and hundreds of other volunteers to find out what area needs their help the most.

"I'm just glad we can go and help out. We've all seen pictures of how bad it is down there."

More units are expected to head south in the coming days.

The Salvation Army is still accepting monetary donations. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so by logging onto www.salvationarmy.org.