Teacher Educating Students About Breast Cancer

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"Today I'm going to teach you guys about what I have and what I go through."

Liz Hurd is a preschool teacher at Holy Trinity Lutheran School.

Hurd says: "I have cancer and I've been going through chemotherapy."

She decided to try to educate the kids about her treatment and how it's made her hair fall out, by showing them what she looks like without her wig on. Students were able to touch her wig and feel her head.

Hurd says: "Do you want to feel my head? It feels kinda cool."

Chase Wariner is a student Holy Trinity Lutheran School. He says: "I think she's really brave to go in front of all these people and show what she was bald."

Not everyone took her up on the offer though.

Abby Smith is also a student. She says: "I would just feel kinda weird to touch her head."

To show support for Mrs. Hurd, the students were allowed to wear hats and encouraged to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Students also got the chance to ask her questions about her treatment.

Hurd says: "When you go through chemotherapy it makes you lose your hair. It makes you sick some days. It makes you tired. It makes you very hyper some days."

Before they went back to class students prayed for Hurd.

Wariner says: "We prayed that she would get better soon and that she would be strong and get through this."

They say they learned a good lesson from Mrs. Hurd's talk.

Smith says: "I think it's something good. It's not always positive but it helps us learn things. Like it helps us learn that we shouldn't always think about ourselves all the times. We should try to help other people."

Hurd's last chemotherapy treatment is December first. Everyone in the school is hoping for a full recovery.