Local Churches Wait for Evacuees

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Storm victims moving into Bowling Green will turn to local churches for help.

"We were ready to house them feed them and provide clothing for them for however long need be. We also have a number of families ready to take families in their homes."

Hillvue Heights and Living Hope Baptist Church are two shelters on standby. Pastor Jason Pettus says they were told 200 evacuees may be coming to Bowling Green. Living Hope is ready to house 50 of them. Since most victims will come here will little more than clothing on their backs, the congregations have collected personal items, health kits, shoes and cleaning supplies. They will also provide other basic needs for them.

Living Hope is also holding a Hurricane Katrina Relief Supply Drive through this Friday. Here is a list of the items needed: hand towels, wash clothes, combs, fingernail clippers, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, bandages, brooms, bleach, hand sanitizer, empty 5 gallon buckets, rubber gloves, rubber boots, flat shovels, 50 foot water hoses, blankets and bottled water. All of these items are needed in bulk.
If you'd like to help, contact Living Hope Baptist Church at 843-9462.