South Central Kentucky RV Dealers Helping Out FEMA

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RV dealers in South Central Kentucky are orchestrating the effort. So far, one hundred travel trailers have gone to the hurricane survivors who lost their homes and more help is on the way.

Steven Burnett says: "This happened I was ready. So basically we saw how bad it was and I organized everything within two days."

Burnett owns Candy's Campers. The last time Hurricanes damaged Florida he worked with FEMA officials to provide housing for people in the disaster areas. Now he's answering the call again for Hurricane survivors in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Burnett says: "The staging point that we're shipping to is Selma Alabama and from there they are distributed to different areas for people to live in."

Chuck Rogers is sending nine or ten units from Thoroughbred RV Sales.
He got word from Burnett that they were needed.

Rogers says: "They were in need of travel trailer units for FEMA for the people in Louisiana and that area and wanted to know if we'd be interested in taking part."

These travel trailers come with a variety of amenities including a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator and sink; an eating area and living room; a bathroom and commode; some even have two bedrooms.

Burnett has been successful in getting dealers from all over the southeast to take part.

Burnett says: "Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Missouri, Georgia; we're even getting calls now from dealers in New York and North Dakota."

The dealers are getting paid for what they supply but they say there's something else they enjoy about the contract with FEMA.

Burnett says: "At the same time it's going to provide places for those people to live."