Class Helps Hurricane Victims

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Franklin Elementary teacher, Sabrina Bowen is using ice cream scoops as a way to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

"If you want to get a scoop you have to be good like listen and you have to be quite during quite time,” five-year-old Cade Harvey said.

Each time the children receive a scoop for being good, Mrs. Bowen puts a quarter in a jar. At the end of the week that money is donated to the American Red Cross.

To help donate as much money as possible, Mrs. Bowen asked several businesses to match what they have in the jar, which is around $50. Now, checks wallpaper their classroom.

"They've talked about it all week long. They’ve wanted to buy a house for them, buy a car for them,” Sabrina Bowen said.

While these five-year-olds many not understand the cost of the damage along the Gulf Coast, they understand some of the impact Hurricane Katrina caused.

So far, Mrs. Bowen’s class has raised $1,500 for the American Red Cross.