Targeting Your Hometown

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This week our dart hit the community of Silver City in Southwestern Butler County.

A large tract of land purchased with silver during the late 1800's gave this commmunity its' name. A church, an old general stroe and a one room school house are the only buildings which remain. However, the community's rich history still plays a unique role in the everyday lives of many Silver City residents.

Long time resident, John Abbott has fond memories about the general store which once served as the social center for folks in Butler County. In fact, Abbott met his wife on the front porch. The couple will celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary in April.

Prior to their meeting, Abbott was a student at the Oak Grove School which still stands today. The one-room school operated from 1921 until 1953. One teacher taught around two dozen 1st through 8th graders. Abbott still retains his report cards and the first spelling award he ever received in 1937.

Josephine Kolodziej remembers it well, she was also a student and now helps to maintain the aging building. She believes the old school house links together the past and the present. During warmer months, you'll find community members celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and special occassions at the Oak Grove site. They say such events help to keep history alive for all generations to enjoy.