Healthy Lunches

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Most parents feel like they have a hard enough time getting their kids to eat well at home, much less control what they eat at school. However, if you’re aware of the choices your kids have, you may be able to influence what they eat.

Bowling Green Dietician, Lorie Hagan says lunch is a third of the calorie intake for your child. She says while calorie intake fluctuates between kids, the average number of calories your child should take in is between 1,800 to 2,000 a day.

"Kids are growing, they need energy and most of them are very active."

Hagan says a good way to make sure you know what your child is eating is to pack their lunch, but packing a healthy lunch should include choices that are visually appealing.

"There's a chance for them to control the amount of calories the child gets, you can do sweet choices but better choices."

To make sure your kids are making smart decisions, experts say it’s important to talk about food choices with your child.

“Not all children are willing to take their lunch to school. If your child refuses I would encourage them to get a school menu and go over that with your child."