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A former Bowling Green city employee says she was told not to do her job when she inspected Bowling Green Estates.

Last month, the Bowling Green Code Enforcement Board charged Bowling Green Estates owner Arun Mahtani $18, 255 dollars for violations found in the lower level of Bowling Green Estates.

Now, Mahtani's Attorney, Alan Simpson is asking the city to release e-mails, sent to former Code Inspector Julie Brown, concerning Bowling Green Estates.

So far, that request has been denied.

Brown told WBKO, she was specifically told not to find anything seriously wrong with Bowling Green Estates because the city didn't want to pay to relocate all those residents.

Brown also says she was strongly encouraged not to attend the Code Enforcement Board Hearing even though she was the lead inspector on the case.

Since, Simpson's request for the open records was denied by the city, he has now filed an appeal with the Attorney General's Office.

"If those emails are ever produced, I would encourage the city to turn them over and quit hiding."

WBKO tried to talk to Brown's former boss, Alex Colovos, but he was out of town.

We hope to speak with him soon.

But we did talk to Colovos' boss, Director of Housing and Community Development, Alice Burks.

She says Brown is lying.

She also says the city would not have gone through all that trouble involving the Bowling Green Estates case, if they weren't serious about enforcing code laws.