Energy Award

An almost two year-old energy savings program seems to be paying off for the Warren County School District.

Texas-based Energy Education Incorporated presented its Energy Pacesetter Award to the district, meaning it was the fastest saving district in the state of Kentucky.

The school system gives the credit to strategies put in place by its Energy Manager, Jay Wilson.

Wilson says: "What Energy Management does within the school district is we look for opportunities or ways to cut consumption in the schools."

Wilson says conserving energy starts with the simple things like making sure windows are shut down when the air conditioning and heat are on and turning out the lights.

To make sure the schools are following the rules, Wilson has surprise audits once a week. He says: "Sometimes I'll go in early in the morning, some days I'll go in late at night, just to see how the buildings are left at the end of the day."

All of his work seems to have paid off. In the last 20 months the district has saved over $1 million.

Wilson says the credit goes to the all of the faculty and staff for making sure the energy is conserved.