Beating the Bully: Part Three

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At East West Kung Fu the students are trained in martial arts. However, they know when to use it and when not to.

Master Tom Pardue says: "Bully Safe teaches children how to recognize bullies, how to isolate them from themselves, but also how to bring attention to the situation."

Pardue tells his students if there's a bully to not raise their hands to fight, but slowly back away and tell the bully to stop.

By acting in that manner they can call attention to the situation and show they're not threatening anyone else.

"If authorities or their peers are looking at them and they see a child not doing this, not doing this kind of stuff, but saying 'no' they're moving away and their moving away and removing themselves from that arena of contention."

Parents say they're happy their kids know what to do in a threatening situation.

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