Senior Crime College

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From time to time we report on stories about crimes involving scam and identity theft against the elderly.

Connie Gill says, "I got an invitation in the mail and I was all excited because it has something about senior abuse."

Gill traveled from Franklin to the Senior Crime College. Her mother lives with her and has Alzheimer’s disease so she wanted to learn what to look for if her mother is ever mistreated.

Gill says, "I really want to prevent that from happening to she and I."

Lori Farris is from the Attorney General's Office in Frankfort. She travels to different areas to host the Senior Crime College and says that senior abuse and scams are a real threat.

Farris says, "Number one, they have to realize they are vulnerable. And they may not want to believe that, but they are a very vulnerable group of people. Knowledge is power, so if they know what kind of situations they could be involved in that could avoid them being a victim."

Gill says she doesn't think she's that vulnerable.

Even with her street smarts, she says the information she learned about identity theft was invaluable.

The seniors heard from a variety of speakers on how to be aware of what's going on in their communities and about the latest scams. Gill said she keeps close tabs on everything.