Father Indicted Six Years After Son's Death

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George Gossett was indicted on four counts Monday morning in Simpson County court. It was a day his ex-wife and the mother of lee Gossett have been waiting for, for quite some time.

"Lee was different. He was very lovable. He had a big heart. Just was special. He was real different."

For six years Lee Gossett's room has stayed just as though he would return to it. For six years his mother, Amy Gardner, has waited to see the day when his father would be held accountable.

Gardner says: "I want to see a man that has never taken responsibility for what he's done. I want to see him face that. I want to see him face court. I want him to have to face what my family faced six years ago."

Gardner's ex-husband was driving the vehicle that Lee was killed in.
George Gossett tested positive for cocaine, but he was never indicted.

Kentucky State Police Trooper, Terry Alexander, says: "There were some problems with the toxicology that was obtained from Mr. George Gossett at the time of the crash. The blood was lost at the Franklin Medical Center."

Alexander was brought in this year as an expert reconstructionist in the case.

Alexander says: "If you can answer all the questions and if evidence isn't there then it just isn't' there. But if does make you feel good that you can assist the extra step."

That extra step is all Amy Gardner and her family have been hoping for.
Now Gardner has a six-year old, Dawson, he was four months old when Lee died but she says they tell him about his brother all the time.
And one week ago she gave birth to Leah.

Gardner says: "We named her after Lee. Her middle name is Faith. Without my faith I would've never got through it."

Gardner says she fought so hard for so long because she wants to change a law that would keep parents who use drugs from having visitation. She says if someone could report suspected drug use in parents, it might keep other children from dying. George Gossett will be arraigned in Simpson County court on September 27th.