Former Decker College Employees Suing

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A group of former employees at an online college call center are fighting to get their last paychecks.

About a month ago Decker College abruptly closed their call center here in Bowling Green. At the time, the employees were trying to make sure they got their last paychecks. Now they have hired attorney, Matt Baker, to sue Decker College.

"To my knowledge, there were about 47 employees at the call center, here in Bowling Green. This is simply a suit for unpaid wages."

Baker says the plaintiffs are not suing for being laid off; they just want to get paid.

"These people did the work and they deserve to be paid. So we're going to Warren Circuit Court to do everything we can to get them paid."

Decker College is also being investigated by the Kentucky State Board for Proprietary Education.