BG/WC Humane Society Adopt-A-Thon

The director of the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society, Lorri Hare, says while seven applications were completed at the 4th annual Adopt-A-Thon there's still many more animals looking for homes.

She says: "When you're getting 30 to 40 animals a day, and 2 to 3 adoptions, the numbers just aren't equaling out and not a lot of animals are getting to be moved to the Adoption Center, which that's our goal because this is a no-kill building."

Hare does say after an event like the Adopt-A-Thon more animals are dropped off, which is why the adoptions are needed.

Hare says: "If we don't have more adoptions and encourage more people to spay/neuter, we're never going to catch up with the intake numbers."

The Humane Society also is in need of money. The No-Kill Adoption Center runs off donations and while $12,500 has been raised, it just puts a dent in the shelter's expenses. Hare says: "With the adoption center taking eight to 10 thousand a month, it's just a month and a half approximately."

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