Tenants Speak Out About Apartment Living Conditions

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"I've lived in Simpson's Apartments since March of this year."

MaRita Whithead has to keep her dishes on the table instead of where they belong.

Whitehead says: "Because the cockroaches they get in between the plates. You have to wash the plates before you can even use them."

Whitehead has other problems with her apartment too.

Whitehead says: "The toilet has been in bad shape since the last couple of months."

Next door to Whitehead, Kathy Faulkner is experiencing the same thing.

Faulkner says: "Look at all these bugs crawling around. All over my coffeemaker. I do put my dishes up, but I have to wash them again before eating."

The ceiling in her living room is also caving in.

Faulkner says: "I'm afraid to go in there. I'm afraid that the whole ceiling will cave in on us. I won't let the children go in there. It's just not a decent place."

There's also a mold problem in Faulkner's apartment.

Faulkner says: "I have allergies, I'm allergic to three different kinds of mold. And look at the mold up here on the wood. I've been ill ever since I moved up here."

Simpson's Apartments are in the old hospital in Tompkinsville. Both Whitehead and Faulkner say they pay their rent on time, but they are on fixed incomes and they can't afford to pay more. Both say they don't think they should be forced to live in these conditions.

Whitehead says: "I don't feel like you should. An I'm sure there's a lot of other people that don't feel like you should."

Both Whitehead and Faulkner are looking for a new place to live. The landlord of the apartments refused to go on camera, but tells us she will be cleaning the apartments on Monday. The health environmentalist for Monroe County says he examined them, but he can not condemn them.

According to Tom Baker, Tompkinsville's city planner, the only way to get the apartments condemned is through the city commission. The next city commission meeting in Tompkinsville is on October 20 at 7 p.m. It's in the economic development building next to city hall.