Glasgow Restaurant Goes Smoke-Free

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More and more communities are going "smoke free" in the heart of tobacco country.

Glasgow, Kentucky isn't a smoke free community, but that isn't stopping some restaurants in the town from "kicking the habit" and starting their own smoking ban.

According to owner Danny Young, he is used to complaints about smoking at his restaurants.

"The biggest complaint was that people who are allergic to it...can't be close to it and they won't even sit anywhere close to the smoking section....they can't"

That's why his restaurant is now "smoke-free", a decision he made after more of his customers were requesting the non-smoking areas.

"I just started keeping count one night and I seated 175 people and 2 of them were that made the decision a whole lot easier."

Doctor Melissa Walton-Shirley is just one of those customers that agree with the decision.

"Everyone deserves fresh air and clean air...for both a working environment and dining environment as well."

Dr. Shirley and others are trying to pass a smoke-free ordinance in Barren and Warren County. If you'd like more information on this ordiance, or if you'd like to help, you can call 270-651-9611.