Hart County Jail Escapees

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Two inmates from the Hart County Jail escaped escaped early this morning and are believed to be in the Lexington area.

The inmates were last seen around 1:00 Sunday morning when a bed check was done within the jail...and by 2:00 a.m. the inmates were nowhere to be found.

"One of the guys that was working in the laundry mat had taken off and he had taken another guy out of on of the cells with him", Hart County Jailer Keith Riordan said.

According to officials in Hart County, the inmates, 23-year-old Brian Sturgill and 21-year-old Eugene Bodner, are believed to have used a truck from the Hart County Solid Waste company as their getaway car.

The car was found earlier today in Versailles, Kentucky. According to Hart County Sherriff, Boston Hensley, both men work at the Solid Waste Company through the jail.

"They had been working at the Hart County Waste Solid Waste...and the keys were in the truck which they probably had knowledge of."

According to the jailer, if and when the inmates are caught, they will get an extra five years added to their sentences and will be brought back to the Hart County jail.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of these two men, please contact the Kentucky State Police at 270-782-2010.