Russellville Funeral Home Director Arrested

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A Russellville Funeral Home is shut down, and the funeral director is in jail.

Tim Hanna is charged with several counts of "theft by deception.” State Police and other investigators say more charges are pending.

Sheila Kees lost her husband less than a year ago to heart failure.

"My husband said when I die you going to get my body,” recalls Kees.

Tim Hanna said he'd be honored to prepare his body for burial, now, the Kees are out $3,000, the funeral home is shut down, and they are strapped for money.

"We have nothing; $3,000 is a lot of money."

Hanna has a long history with Kees family, that's why they're shocked such a good man could be so deceitful.

"He'd probably turn over in his grave, he probably would, and my dad would too,” says Kees.

Hanna used Hickory Hill Florist owned by Darlene Ferguson for funeral services.

Ferguson says Hanna owes her a lot more than just a few floral stands.

"He owes me quite a bit of money,” says Ferguson.

Money she worked hard for, and says she'll never see.

The Kees also don't believe they'll see the thousands of dollars Hanna owes their family, and will be a lot more cautious when dealing even with family friends.

"If he had done it one time, I could forgive him,” says Kees.

Tim Hanna is in the Warren County Jail.

Kentucky State Police, the Logan County sheriff’s Office, the Attorney General, and the Logan/Todd County Commonwealth Attorney, do not want this to happen to you!

They are urging any victims to call the Kentucky State Police at 270-782-2010.

You can also call the Commonwealth Attorney's Office at 726-4300, or the Attorney General's Office at 502-696-5399.

The investigation concerns only pre-paid. Pre-arranged funeral plans and trust funds acquired through Memorial Funeral Home in Russellville.