Fall Fire Hazard Season

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"With the falling leaves, windy days and drier temperatures we do see an increase in fires."

While the little amount of rain we've gotten lately is a small weight off the fire department's shoulders, Assistant Chief, Richard Storey, says it's not enough.

"I think people believe, because there's been dew on the ground at night, that it makes it less likely for a fire to start and that's not the case."

Storey says when temperatures are dry the leaves on the ground can cause a fire to spread much faster. Just a few years ago we experienced several brushfires because of the dry summer. Storey says this weather is similar to what we saw then.

"People don't realize how quickly it's going to dry out after this small rain ends."

He also says anyone burning on their farm should use extra precautions this season.

"When the conditions are dry like they have been this year, it does make it tougher to put the fires out."

The state has even restricted the hours which you can burn. It is only allowed from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.

"Don't hesitate to call 911 when the fire appears to be getting out of control. We would rather be called and not needed than to be needed and not called."

For more information visit: www.forestry.ky.gov/news