Community Recognized As StormReady

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The StormReady program is a national weather program to help get communities more prepared for severe weather, and Warren County is being added to that list.

There is at least one community in all fifty states that has officially been named StormReady.

There is no fee for a community to be recognized as StormReady, and the program doesn't mean that the communities are storm-proof, but according to Brian Lowry, of the Bowling Green Emergency Management Agency, it does mean that these communities are better prepared when severe weather strikes.

"The StormReady program is a National Weather Service initiative to try to promote communities to be more prepared for any type of severe weather, whether it be severe thunderstorms, tornados, snow storms, any of the above", Lowry says.

According to Jim Johnson Car Dealership Employee, Kenneth Gilliam, he remembers the 1998 storms that hit the area and says that the outdoor weather sirens that Warren County has did help prepare residents.

"The first sign that we were going to have a real big storm is when the cow sirens went off at Western", says Gilliam.

Having the outdoor weather warning system is just one reason why Warren County has been named StormReady.

"We've spent an extensive amount of time and money investing in warning systems, both outdoor warning systems and indoor warning systems, that proved very beneficial during the hail storm of 1998", says Lowry.

According to Lowry, keeping residents safe is just what he says the StormReady program will help do.

"Our number one goal here is to protect life safety so everything that we do is geared to preventing the loss of life, so anything we can do to help warn people on impeding weather, we're seeing it as maybe saving that person's life", says Lowry.

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